Windows of Light

Be open to the breath of life Like the willow tree
that bends and flows where the breeze takes it. 



About Sally Webb

Sally Ann WebbSally is a unique blend of balance between curiosity and understanding of intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being and a calling to serve people with humility and compassion.

Her formal education includes a degree from U.C.M.T. Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1985. She has a passion for understanding anatomy and the human form. Sally combines her understanding of the physical body with her intuition and psychic gifts that enables her to enter into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of healing.

Her life-long study and practice of Yoga and its reaffirming philosophies inspire her to help people rediscover their own unique gifts and to heal in their most natural way.

Sally provides compassionate care to the psyche of her patients. She has sensitivity and clarity by being aware of other people's experiences and seeing the world through their eyes. From a young age, Sally was able to see things beyond the physical realm, go to dark colors in the body where illness lies, enter, and feel in explicit detail exactly where and what the other person requires for healing.

Besides having a rewarding and loving family life, Sally is a poet, a singer and a songwriter.
Like any professional, Sally does not seek or claim that she can serve everyone. However, when a connection between her and a patient happens, healing beyond one's highest expectations occurs naturally and spontaneously.