Windows of LightWindows of Light


Tonight I sleep with Grace, in the wonderment of my soul.
Each breath I take, a sacred place,
where dreams take me I do not know.
Every crease upon my pillow, is a world that I once knew.
While the sky awaits me in the corridors of blue.
Falling stars have left a trail of dusty light around me
And the wings inside my heart, soar through the sky
And spread the sound of an endless Love
With infinity standing by.

Background image Fairies © Kasandra Beck Hyde
Poetry and all website content © sally ann webb



Windows of Light

Over the last 25 years, I have developed a unique blending of my curiosity, intellect, emotions and spiritual maturity in serving others with compassion and respect.Special Book Offering

I provide healing and personal growth consultations to my clients. Many interesting and caring people seek my assistance through psychic readings for personal development and wellbeing while other seekers benefit from psychic healing through the balancing of all levels of their being. Over the years, I have helped clients with health issues, understanding and building relationship with family members, friends, intimate others. I also assist my clients in understanding their role of financial and employment issues they may be facing.

Channeling provides people with the means to contact loved ones who have passed on and to contact their spirit guides that can assist them in effectively fulfilling their highest purpose. I consciously seek to provide compassionate care to the psyche of my clients through bringing acceptance, sensitivity, clarity and awareness of other people's experiences and seeing the world through their eyes. I also bring my interests and talents as a poet, songwriter, singer and yoga practitioner to my work as a healer.